Can Any Electric Truck Still Be Lifted?

If you’re a truck owner, you probably love lifting your trucks with custom fits. While any gas-powered truck can have a lift, is this true of electric trucks too? 

Electric trucks can be lifted. Ford F150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado RST, GMC Hummer EV SUT, Rivian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck boast at least 8 inches (20.32 cm) air lift suspension in their designs. Others (Dodge Ram EV1500) are still in the early stages, with no specifics available on lifts. 

Keep reading to learn which electric trucks will have built-in lift suspension and which don’t have info on the same (to date). That way, you’ll know which one will give the best all-around truck experience for you — at least, in terms of raising the ground clearance height.  

electric trucks can be lifted

Lift Info on Electric Trucks

Below, I’ve put together a list of electric trucks (available and upcoming) and what you need to know about their lift capabilities. Note that, due to the nature of this topic, it’s possible that this information will change in the near future. At any rate, here’s what is currently known about electric trucks and their lift (or lack thereof). 

Ford F150 Lightning Electric Truck

The Ford F150 Lightning electric truck is one of the first to come off the assembly lines, and potential buyers are already searching for an aftermarket lift kit. Truck owners can install them as a DIY project, or let the dealership install the lift kit. 

There are caveats to lifting the Ford F150 Lightning, however.

  • The Ford F150 Lightning distance is based on the weight and tires in the truck design. When you add a lift kit to this electric vehicle, you must exchange the tires for a larger size. Larger tires will reduce the range of the Ford F150 Lightning. 
  • The Ford F150 Lightning weighs over 6,000 pounds (2721.55 kg). Raising the Lightning will change the center of gravity, meaning it will tip over more quickly when the lift kit gets higher.  
  • Ford discourages changing the F150 Lightning tires after purchase. This truck needs specialty tires engineered to handle the truck’s weight and any load it might carry. 
  • Ford also cautions that changing the wheels can lead to breakage or failure. Like the tires, the wheels are designed to support the truck’s weight.

Here is a Youtube video of a lifted Ford F150 Lightning:

Chevrolet Silverado RST 

The Silverado RST is Chevrolet’s answer to the electric truck and vehicle lineup. The Ultium platform delivers exciting torque, powerful electric propulsion, and clean energy. Among the features of the 2024 electric Silverado is a lift.

Here are the features of the Chevrolet Silverado RST.

  • It has an auto-adjustable lift kit to improve the off-road experience. This lift will be auto-adjustable to raise and lower the Silverado two inches (5.08 cm).
  • The Silverado RST will have a foldable liftgate to accommodate longer cargo. The tailgate boasts a power release and expands to carry nine feet (2.74 m) in the bed. 
  • The interior is entirely vegan, and the truck will have a frunk. However, the cabin will be entirely different from the gas version. 


The GMC Hummer EV SUT has a revolutionary adaptive air suspension feature that can lift the vehicle off the ground. While the 2022 GMC Hummer EV SUT vehicles will have the software for raising the truck, the 2021 models can have the software downloaded from a dealer. 

Here are the features of the GMC Hummer EV SUT:

  • The 2022 models will have “extract” mode. This will give the EV Hummer almost sixteen inches (40.64 cm) of height from the ground. 
  • GMC is committed to giving EV trucks more off-road capability than ever before. This means the inclusion of an adaptive air suspension for better ground clearance height. 
  • The extract mode operates with OTA software. This adaptive software will give the EV Hummer almost six inches (15.24 cm) more height than any other EV truck. 

Rivian R1T

This American startup company is funded by Ford and enters the market with eleven thousand pounds (4990 kg) of towing capacity. The Rivian R1T delivers almost 400 miles (643 km) on a full charge and has an optional Max battery pack that delivers another 754 horsepower.

The Rivian R1T has the following features.

  • It has a skateboard chassis with an independent air suspension. Ground clearance maxes out at fourteen inches (35.56 cm). 
  • This adjustable ride height can be ideal for off-roading or in snow. The Rivian adjusts from eight to fourteen inches (20.32 – 35.56 cm) off the ground.

Tesla Cybertruck 

The 2023 Tesla Cybertruck will debut with up to three motors, giving it increased towing capacity, greater distance range, and faster acceleration. This EV truck will have a range of five hundred or more miles (805 km) and can tow up to fourteen thousand pounds (6350 kg). 

The Tesla Cybertruck has the following features:

  • All EV Cybertrucks will have adjustable air suspension. One, two, or three motors in the Cybertruck won’t be a problem for the suspension that raises the truck up to 16 inches (406.4 mm) from the ground. 
  • The Cybertruck also has twenty-eight-degree departure angles and a thirty-five-degree approach. These make the Cybertruck an imposing off-road truck. 

Dodge Ram EV1500

Dodge pledges to enter the EV truck market in 2024 with a Ram EV1500. The body-on-frame platform EV truck will offer a 500-mile (805 km) range. This truck will accept fast charges with a navigation system that aids drivers in planning routes based on charging station accessibility. However, Dodge doesn’t say whether their EV truck has a lift system for off-roading. 

some ev brands say not to lift


While most EV truck companies say they will have air lift suspensions, some (like Ford) discourage lifting these trucks. However, most of these clean energy trucks have already planned for a lift suspension to satisfy the truck lover’s love of off-roading. 

Dodge pledges not to have their truck ready until after the others come out in 2023, so they can look at the current EV trucks and deliver a vastly improved electric truck experience.