Does a Spray-In Bed Liner Stretch?

The truck bed is one area you should not overlook when performing vehicle maintenance and care. This truck area is exposed to various elements that could affect its cosmetic and structural soundness. While most truck beds are solid, sturdy, and able to withstand a high degree of wear and tear, they are not entirely indestructible, which is where a spray-in bed liner can help. 

Spray-in bed liners do not stretch. These liners usually contain a rigid polyurethane or a polyurethane-type substance, which should not stretch out in the future. A spray-in bed liner is typically strong and will last a long time.

So, now that we have determined that a spray-in cover will not stretch, let’s look at some reasons to consider a spray-in or drop-in option. I’ll tell you the benefits of using a spray-in bed liner and a drop-in model to help you decide which liner might be best for you. 

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What Are Spray-In Truck Bed Liners Made Of?

A vehicle owner has a couple of liner options, including a “drop-in” bed liner, usually composed of rubber or plastic, or a spray-in liner.

Most spray-in truck bed liners consist of a polyurethane-type substance. This material is perfect for weatherproofing your truck bed since it is easy to apply, creates a seamless paint-like coating, and lasts for many years. 

Polyurethane is a polymer, and it can either be stiff or flexible. However, even flexible polyurethane has a lot of structural integrity and maintains its shape very well, even when exposed to harsh sunlight and wet weather. 

The polyurethane used for bed liners is robust, durable, and unlikely to stretch out or wear down over time.  Instead of stretching and wearing out, it gets more rigid as it ages, resulting in a tough, reliable coating.

So, this material will serve as armor for the inside of your truck bed.

Reasons To Consider a Spray-In Bed Liner

A spray-in bed liner can be sprayed onto and applied to the bed of your truck to help prevent damage. 

You can choose to have the substance installed by professionals, or you may decide to apply it yourself. Here are several reasons to consider spray-in armor for your truck:

A One-Time Application Can Save You Time

When choosing a spray-in liner, you’ll likely only need to apply it to the vehicle once. 

A one-time application can be a significant time-saving advantage for a truck owner. A spray-on liner should last for the entire life of the truck and not stretch or wear out. 

Therefore, this option can be a one-and-done job, and you should not need to worry about damage to the bed for years.

A Spray-In Liner Can Keep Your Truck Bed Weatherproof

A spray-in liner may be a great fit if you live in an area that experiences frequent storms or severe weather. 

Rain, snow, or even hail can wreak havoc on a vehicle due to dents or rust. With a spray-in liner, you can travel confidently in various climates with the comfort of knowing that your truck is protected.

A Spray-In Liner Prevents Damage From Items

Countless items and objects could easily damage your truck bed. If you work in the construction industry, for example, chances are high that materials such as wood, concrete, or other building equipment will be inside the bed. 

A spray-in liner can substantially reduce the possibility of scratches, dents, or further destruction that can quickly happen while loading or transporting materials. 

Similarly, a spray-on liner can help prevent items from moving around and crashing into the truck’s sides – and it can also prevent slipping if standing in the truck bed.

Remain Rust-Free

Rust is something that no vehicle owner wants. Once rust forms, it can slowly destroy the metal in your truck bed. 

Fortunately, a spray-in truck liner is tight and secure, covering the truck bed firmly without stretching. A snug cover can prevent rust from forming by keeping water away from and out of the metal that makes up the truck’s bed.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A spray-in cargo covering can create a polished look for your vehicle by adding a seamless, clear coat to the bed. 

You can also choose which color to use for the material, appealing to many truck owners.

Reasons To Consider a Drop-In Bed Liner

Drop-in cargo protectors can serve a similar purpose as a spray-in liner, preventing damage and reducing the chance of items moving around or slipping in a truck bed. 

This type of coverage also should not stretch out over time. It can be a good fit for some trucks, so let’s look at a few reasons why you may consider this option.

You Can Install It Easily Yourself

A drop-in liner is typically composed of plastic or rubber materials and can be placed directly into the bed of your truck. This process is relatively simple to complete, and the installation is easy. 

Installing a liner can be an excellent option for truck owners who enjoy do-it-yourself projects.

Change the Liner Anytime

Another benefit to a drop-in liner is that you can remove the cover from the bed anytime. This feature could be beneficial if you want to sell your vehicle or if it is no longer necessary to have full-time protection of your truck bed.

Use in Multiple Trucks

You can use a drop-in liner in multiple truck beds, which can be helpful, particularly if you own more than one vehicle. Keep in mind, however, that — for a covering to be as effective as possible — the size and fit of the liner should be tight and secure. (This is particularly true to help avoid water collecting under the mat and leading to rust.)

Now, sometimes a bed liner might not be necessary. Find out if your truck needs a bed liner if you have tonneau cover by reading my guide on the topic.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a spray-on or drop-in bed liner, keep in mind that the long-term protection of your truck is the priority. Both versions of liners can serve this purpose well.

However, spray-in is the way to go if you want a seamless, bulk-free, permanent liner. Spray-in bed liners are excellent at protecting your truck bed, and since they are spray-on, they don’t move around, tear, or stretch.