How to Clean the Back Window of a Truck That Has a Topper

Truck shells are relatively easy to clean, but the same can’t be said for the area where the topper meets the rear truck window. The tiny space is inaccessible by hand unless you squeeze between the gap. However, there are a few easiest ways to fix this common problem, keeping your truck windows nice and clean.

To clean the back window of a truck that has a topper, clean the window through the topper’s slider, then run a long towel through both sides of the window between the gap. You can also use an extendable cleaner with a sponge at the end of it. Remember to dry the window with microfiber cloths.

Throughout this post, we’ll break down the step-by-step process to clean and dry the back window of your truck, even if it has a topper on it. We’ll also explain common mistakes that you should avoid.

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Clean the Window Through the Slider

Before you use any special tools or cleaners, try sliding the topper’s front window open. Many truck toppers have adjustable windows that connect to the truck’s rear window. If you can open this slider, you’ll be able to access the entire center portion of the window. Spray your preferred car window cleaner on a towel, then gently wipe the glass.

Invisible Glass is one of the best go-to car window cleaners. A little bit goes a long way, so the company’s two-pack will last quite some time. You can use it on the windows throughout your truck and shell, regardless of whether or not the windows are tinted.

Slide a Long Towel Between the Topper and the Truck

This method requires two people, but it’s one of the most effective ways to clean the gap between the truck and its topper. Follow the process below:

  1. Measure the distance between both sides of the topper to know how long the towel should be.
  2. Roll the towel tightly, then coat one side of it with your preferred window cleaner.
  3. Slide the rolled towel through the gap between the topper and the truck.
  4. Pull the towel back and forth with one person on each side of the truck.
  5. Go up and down the rear window with the towel, ensuring that you cover the full length.

Use an Extendable Cleaning Sponge

Family Handyman suggests using an extendable cleaning tool if you want to clean all of the hard-to-reach areas of the window. You can choose between telescoping tools with towels, sponges, and other cleaners. We suggest avoiding tools that use brushes. The last thing you want to do is scuff and scratch your truck windows.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the tool needs to be thin enough to fit between the gap. Many truck toppers only have a one-to-two-inch space between the rear window and the topper. However, the towel or sponge can be a bit wider since it’ll compress and scrub the window.

The Eazer Squeegee Window Cleaner is thin enough to fit between the gap. It also telescopes up to 62 inches, making it perfect for cleaning any truck window. This squeegee includes sponges, towels, and a squeegee head to get the job done. Spray the sponge, scrub the window, then dry it with the towel attachment.

Dry the Window with Microfiber

Pro Top Industries recommends using microfiber to clean the windows when you’re done because it’s soft enough to prevent scuff marks. Microfiber is almost always lint-free, so you’ll enjoy a streak-free shine.

You could also use chamois to dry your car windows. Chamois towels are absorbent, but they can be wrung out without needing to be dried. Furthermore, they’re naturally a bit moist, which means they won’t scratch the truck’s windows.

You can wrap either towel around an extendable pole to dry your truck’s back window.

Elevate the Topper if Possible

Some truck toppers can be elevated with locking mechanisms. If you can remove the shell, you’ll have no problem accessing the truck’s rear window. While this method takes a lot longer than our other suggestions, it’s the best way to remove as much debris as possible.

If you elevate or remove the truck topper, make sure you clean the space where the topper means the rim. This ledge can harbor a lot of debris that ends up on the windows. Furthermore, it could trap moisture, leading to chipped paint and rust.

Remove Dust with Memory Foam

If you don’t need to remove debris and there’s a bit of dust on the rear window, you can use one-inch memory foam. Cut the foam to the size of the truck’s window, then slide it back and forth (much like the previously mentioned towel suggestion).

Consider these tips:

  • Never use memory foam that’s treated with harsh chemicals.
  • Ensure the foam is clean to prevent oil, water, and dirt from getting on the truck’s back window.
  • Use memory foam sheets that are slightly thicker than the gap since it’ll let you scrub the truck’s window and the front of the topper simultaneously.

Avoid Direct Spraying and Dry Wiping

You should always spray the cleaning solution on the towels, squeegees, and sponges used to clean your truck’s rear window. Furthermore, Rock Hill Nissan states you should avoid wiping the window or topper with dry towels because it can spread abrasive dirt and dust.

The only time you should wipe your truck’s rear window with a towel is if you’re applying or removing the cleaning solution. Additionally, avoid wiping the windows with water if there’s no spray or soap mixed with it. While you’ll remove the dirt and debris from the glass, you’ll end up leaving water spots all over the place.

There are several ways to lock a truck topper from the inside. Read my guide to learn more about the options so that you can choose the one that works best for you. [Can You Lock a Truck Topper from the Inside?]

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning the window between the truck topper and the back window can be tough, but it’s more than worth it. You’ll have a crystal-clear view of everything behind your vehicle. Remember to clean the interior windows of the truck and the topper to enhance the view.