Why Does Your Ford F-150 Honk Twice?

Ford is one of the most popular truck brands, yet countless people have had to deal with the mystery F-150 double honk. If your truck honks multiple times when you lock it, you’re in the right place. A double honk is almost always a sign that something’s wrong with the vehicle, though there are times when you don’t need to worry about it.

Your Ford F-150 honks twice because the door is ajar, the hood is open, or there’s something pressed against one of the doors. Additional causes include accidentally tapping the lock button a few times in a row or using a malfunctioning key fob. Make sure all of the doors and the hood are shut.

Throughout this post, you’ll learn why your Ford F-150 honks twice, how you can stop it from happening, and a quick method to prevent your Ford truck from honking when you lock it. Enjoy!

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Why Does My Ford Truck Beep Twice?

If your Ford F-150 (or any other Ford truck model) beeps or honks multiple times, there’s a problem with the door sensors or key fobs. Shut your door, then try locking the truck to find out if that’s the problem. If it beeps once, then you’re in luck; otherwise, check the hood, tailgate, and sunroof.

Here’s a list of reasons your Ford truck beeps twice:

  • One or more of the truck doors is open. Most Ford vehicles are programmed to alert you when the truck door is left ajar. Once you close the door, you shouldn’t have to worry about the double-honking issue. Keep in mind that this can happen if you leave the tailgate open on newer Ford F-150 models.
  • The hood might be open. Much like the door sensors, your truck’s hood sensor will set off a double-honk alarm if you try to use the key fob to lock it when it’s open. Driving with an open hood could pop it open down the road, causing extreme sight limitations. Open and close the hood a bit harder to ensure it sticks to the latch.
  • Something’s leaning against the door, triggering the sensor. When anything heavy presses against the door, it’ll make the sensor think the door is open. Much like the first example, the sensor will make the alarm honk twice. Move the heavy item. If this doesn’t work, the sensor might be broken.
  • You might have a malfunctioning key fob. When the fob is broken, it doesn’t work very well with the door sensors. Furthermore, it could lock the door twice (which makes it honk twice). Check if the buttons are jammed, clogged, or blocked from moving. The button should be able to raise above the fob.
  • There’s a chance you pressed the lock button multiple times (or hit the emergency button). The emergency button honks several times. Additionally, hitting the lock button several times in a row will honk it two or three times. Make sure the key fob has a charged battery (you can remove the battery and test it with a multimeter).

Ford F-150s typically beep or honk once, so it’s worth looking for problems if it honks twice. If none of the problems above affect your truck, it’s worth looking into sensor maintenance. When the sensors are damaged or blocked, they’ll tell the truck’s computer that there’s an open door. Truckmize claims an open door is the main reasons trucks honk twice.

How Do You Stop the Ford Double Honk?

To stop the Ford double honk, try these tips:

  1. Open and close the doors, hood, tailgate, and sunroof. If you don’t shut these entry points hard enough, the sensors will think they’re still open. Shut each of these entry points, then check if the vehicle still honks twice when you lock it. You can also lock the door with the interior lock before shutting the door (after getting out of the truck).
  2. Use the FORScan software on your Ford F-150. Download the program onto a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Connect an adapter to your device, then plug it into the Ford F-150’s OBD port. Finally, open the FORScan software and select the double-honk feature, then deactivate it if you don’t want to use it anymore.
  3. Get a new key fob if your current one honks twice. If your Ford F-150 only honks twice when you use the fob and not the door lock or key, the fob is probably faulty. The only way to fix a faulty key fob is to get a new one from the manufacturer (Ford, in this case).

How to Turn Off the Horn Honk When Locking an F-150

To turn off the horn honk when locking a Ford F-150, follow these instructions:

  1. Hold the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for two seconds.
  2. Open and close each door, then click the lock button on the key fob to find out if it honks when you lock it.
  3. E3 Spark Plugs claims you can reverse the process by following steps one and two.

Horn honking during a key fob lock is a standard feature in most Ford vehicles (including cars, SUVs, and trucks). However, you can disable this feature on most modern models. If your F-150 doesn’t have an OBD port, you might not be able to turn off the previously mentioned double-honk alarm. However, almost all F-150s can have their single-honk lock deactivated.

Note: Some Ford F-150s only honk once or twice after the second lock button click. The first click locks all of the doors, then the second lock activates the alarm. The honk (or double-honk) lets you know the alarm is on.

Hearing a clicking noise from your Ford F-150? Several issues may cause your Ford F-150 to make this noise. Read my guide to learn more about the reasons and methods to fix them.

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Final Thoughts

Most truck horns honk multiple times when something’s wrong with the vehicle. Most of the time, your F-150 honks if there’s an open door, hood, sunroof, etc. Check all of the entry points, then make sure none of the door sensors are broken. You can bring your key fob to a maintenance shop or try the spare fob to see if it also honks twice.