Can a Toyota Tacoma Seat 6 People?

Pickup trucks are known for being versatile vehicles that can fit a large amount of cargo. Over the years, they have been designed with larger cabs to accommodate more people inside, and the Toyota Tacoma is no exception. But can it seat six people?

A Toyota Tacoma cannot seat six people. The largest cab available for this vehicle, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab model, can only accommodate five people. You can make aftermarket changes to accommodate more people, but these require expert advice and a sizeable budget.

This article will look at how many people can fit into Toyota Tacomas and how you can fit more people inside with some aftermarket changes to your pickup truck. 

A toyota tacoma can fit up to five people

How Many People Can Safely Fit Inside a Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota Tacomas have gotten larger over time, but when they first were released in 1995, the regular cab truck was designed to seat three people. Over the years, the trucks have improved in design and scope, and they now feature more oversized cabs. But how many people can safely fit inside a Toyota Tacoma?

Up to 5 people can safely fit inside a Toyota Tacoma’s cab. While getting more people in the truck’s bed in the back is physically possible, it’s not safe or legal.

If you have a larger group of people that you need to fit in your Toyota Tacoma, it may be tempting to put them in the truck’s bed or cram them in the back of the cab. However, this is neither safe nor legal. 

Not everyone will have a seat belt if you cram them in the back of the cab, and we all know how much difference wearing one can make in case of an accident. Also, riding in a truck bed comes with several legal restrictions in most states, and you just never know which laws you might end up violating. In short, getting creative to fit more than 5 people in your Toyota Tacoma is just not worth it.

If you’re a Toyota Tacoma truck owner who wants to add seating under all local legal guidelines, you could explore a few possibilities. Let’s talk about these in the next section. 

Modifications That Can Fit More People in a Toyota Tacoma

You can make some modifications to a Toyota Tacoma after buying it to accommodate more passengers in the truck. None of these options are easy or inexpensive, and they all require consulting local laws. But with a bit of imagination and engineering, it is possible to increase the size of your Toyota Tacoma’s seating to accommodate more passengers. 

Some of the ways that you can fit more passengers in the Toyota Tacoma may include:

Installing Bench Seating in the Front of Your Toyota Tacoma

One way to accommodate six people in a Toyota Tacoma is to replace the seating in the front of the truck’s cab. Replacing the front seat would require significant changes in the vehicle’s configuration but would provide the safest and most comfortable option for seating six people in your pickup truck.

Installing bench seating in the front is a possible solution for adding extra seating to the front of the Toyota Tacoma, but it would require an expert to do it safely and legally. You would also need to keep in mind the following factors when installing the bench seat:

  • The location of the emergency brake may need to be changed. To install bench seating to accommodate a third passenger in the front of your Toyota Tacoma, you may need to move the emergency brake to create room.
  • Installing an extra seatbelt. You would need to install an extra seatbelt and headrest to fit a third passenger in the front of your pickup truck. 
There may be other ways to add seating to your tacoma

Adding Extra Seat Belts in the Back for Smaller Passengers

One option people might consider when looking to accommodate an extra passenger in the Toyota Tacoma is to rearrange the seatbelts and add one if you have smaller passengers that can fit in the back seat. 

While this sounds like a good idea in theory, it would be tough to do safely and legally in most places. Adding seat belts to the back is something you would most likely have to get done by a professional, and that’s if it is allowed in your area in the first place.

But with the right technology, equipment, and legal permissions, a fourth seat belt on a bench-style seat could work for smaller passengers. 

Installing Seating in the Bed of the Truck

One great thing about buying a pickup truck is that you get extra room in the truck’s bed. The bed is generally used to haul cargo and other items, but it can also convert to seating for extra people. One way you can do this is to install seats from a company such as BedRyder, as shown on Shark Tank

Here is a video from RealTruck showing one option for installing safe seating in the bed of the truck:

Individual seats are not the only option for your pick truck to have seating. There are also bench seats you can install. These are available in various sizes and designs and can be another way that you could fit extra passengers in your Toyota Tacoma. 

It is essential to follow all safety and legal requirements wherever you live. Laws vary depending on your location, so get familiar with your options for adding seats to the bed of your Toyota Tacoma if this is something that you want to do.  

Final Thoughts

What were once vehicles that would fit up to three people, pickup trucks are now just as much of a family vehicle as many other automobiles. Toyota Tacomas are a popular option built to fit up to five passengers safely in their cabs. 

There are some aftermarket changes that you can make to your Toyota Tacoma to fit extra passengers in your car. However, it is vital to consider local rules and regulations when making these changes and ensure that an expert assists in these modifications.