The toyota tacoma can not fit six people

Can a Toyota Tacoma Seat 6 People?

Pickup trucks are known for being versatile vehicles that can fit a large amount of cargo. Over the years, they have been designed with larger cabs to accommodate more people inside, and the Toyota Tacoma is no exception. But can it seat six people? A Toyota Tacoma cannot seat six people. The largest cab available …

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There are many factors that affect gas mileage

Why Is Your Toyota Tundra Getting Bad Gas Mileage?

Toyota Tundra owners know the benefits of having one. Whether it is the V8 engine, high capacity towing, or the long list of safety features, there are plenty of reasons to get a Tundra. However, some Tundra drivers have experienced getting lousy gas mileage.  There are many factors that can affect the gas mileage of …

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Toyota Tundras made before 2022 can be used as snow plows

Can a Toyota Tundra Be Used as a Snow Plow?

The Toyota Tundra, known for its excellent ground clearance and supreme engine power, is an ideal truck for almost any job – whether you’re hauling, pushing, or trucking along down the highway. However, if you find yourself snowed in, you might wonder if your practical Tundra can be used to work a snow plow – …

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Making sure your trailer weight does not exceed the towing capacity of your pickup truck

Can a Pickup Truck Pull a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are convenient because they allow you to relocate your home from one neighborhood to another. Towing a mobile home, however, can be costly. You may wonder if a pickup truck will suffice. There are many different combinations of pickup trucks and mobile homes. When choosing a pickup truck and mobile home rig, you …

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