Does a Ford Bronco Come With Heated Seats?

Ford has reinvented the iconic Bronco. The new Ford Bronco model was unveiled in 2021 and is making a hit with its 2- and 4-door body configurations, a convertible top, and unmatched off-road capabilities. But does a Ford Bronco come with heated seats?

Ford Bronco comes with heated seats, including carpeted flooring and heated leather-wrapped steering wheels. Heated seats on Ford Bronco models compound the ruggedness and the driving experience of these outstanding SUVs.

This article will cover how heated seats operate, their benefits, use, and how to replace them or their worn-out parts. It will also cover how you diagnose and fix malfunctions, if any. 

The Ford Bronco comes with heated seats in the most basic model and every model above it

How Do Ford Heated Seats Work?

Heated seats are an addition to cars some people think to be only on high-end vehicles. But if you think about it for a moment, they are a cool addition every vehicle should have. They work pretty much the same as electric blankets or the heater in your house.

Heated seats on Ford Bronco, like in any other car, are powered by a heating element located between the upholstery and the seat cushion. The temperature is regulated by a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating.

Science Direct defines a heating element as an electric resistor, a material with high electrical resistance. An electric resistor converts electrical energy to heat by resisting the flow of electric current. The heat then flows through the seat, warming the rider.

How To Turn the Heat On

Turning on the heated seats on a Ford Bronco is the same as turning on the lights or other electrical systems on your car. But there is a slight difference.

You control your Ford Bronco heated seats through a relay switch. When you turn on the heating function, a weak electric current flows and flips on the relay switch allowing electric current to flow through the heating element.

Heated car seats have an in-built thermostat that maintains the temperature within your preset limits. When the temperature rises beyond your maximum, the thermostat trips off the relay switch and turns it on when the temperature reaches your minimum. The seats would heat indefinitely without the thermostat, causing overheating or fire.

Check out this Youtube video showing Ford Bronco’s seat configuration.

Can You Put Seat Covers on Your Ford Bronco Heated Seats?

You can put seat covers on your Ford Bronco heated seats as long as they are breathable. Avoid placing insulating items like cushions and blankets on the heated seats to prevent overheating. Some automakers also discourage replacing your seat covers because it can destroy the heating mechanism. 

I recommend that you go through your user’s manual to see if Ford recommends replacing your worn-out seat covers. And if it does, you can consult your dealer for recommendations.

Generally, heated seat-compatible covers should be made of breathable and fire-resistant materials to avoid overheating. Polycotton-drill, neoprene, and ballistic fabrics are good examples of breathable materials and can withstand heat damage. More importantly, the seat covers should not interfere with the airbag’s deployment.

Maybe you can check out this Aierxuam Universal Fit Seat Cover I found on that should work well with most cars. It is easy to install, even for beginners. In addition, it is made of faux leather and easy to clean.

Benefits of Heated Car Seats

Heated car seats warm your body directly instead of heating the whole interior of the car. They also heat the air around them, so you won’t have to turn on the car heater. This way, you conserve energy and gas.

Heated car seats also offer relaxation and physical health benefits and improve safety. Warming your seat and backrest improves your well-being and helps to avoid a cramped posture.

What Would Cause a Heated Seat Not To Work?

AutoPacific compiled a survey on 90,000 would-be car buyers, and 66% of them said that heated seats were amongst their most preferred features of a car. And with more people owning such cars, you can expect heated seat problems to rise.

A faulty heating element is the main reason for your heated seat not working. Use an electrical tester to see which parts of the element aren’t working. You’d want to have a professional diagnose your seats fully if you cannot find the cause of the malfunction.

How To Diagnose and Fix a Heated Car Seat

A broken fuse, faulty thermistor, or a clogged plug could cause your heated car seats to malfunction. Read on to see how to diagnose and fix each of them:

  • Broken fuse. Check your user’s manual to see where your fuse is. Once you’ve located it, check the fuse box for any blown fuses and replace them. 
  • Clogged plug. Suppose there are no blown fuses. The next step is to check the plug under the seats. The plug is where you connect the seat to the wiring harnesses. Check for signs of corrosion or clogging and clean it up. If the plug is clean, use an electric tester to check if both plug ends have at least 12volts.
  • Blown thermostat. Remove your seat cover to locate the thermostat. Check if it’s positioned correctly and look for burned areas on the seat. Reposition it if it’s misplaced or replace it if it’s blown out.

You can also call in a qualified mechanic to fix the heating function of your Ford Bronco seat or visit the nearest Ford Service Station. That would help to avoid other damages you might inadvertently cause if you aren’t familiar with Ford Bronco heated seats repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Heated Car Seat?

It would cost you roughly $600 to replace your seat heater, about $200 in labor costs, and around $500 for other parts and accessories. In addition, you need to consider the taxes and the location of the repair shop.

If your heated seat malfunctions it will cost over $1000 to fix

Final Thoughts

Heated seats are becoming more popular in today’s cars, making them more appealing to new car buyers. Ford Broncos come with seat warmer=\
, adding life to these all-terrain turbocharged modern SUVs.

However, it’s essential to use them well to avoid unwanted incidents. Go through your car’s manual to see what Ford says about heated seats and avoid what it doesn’t recommend. You wouldn’t want your seats overheating or your car catching fire.

Remember to go for approved covers when it’s time to replace worn-out seat covers.