8 Reasons Why Ford F-150s Are So Expensive

It’s no secret that Ford F-150s are some of the most popular trucks on the market. Unfortunately, they have an expensive price tag that goes along with that popularity. The cost of a new Ford F-150 has increased significantly over the years, and there are many reasons why this is the case. The main reason …

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Flat Towing the bronco sport can cause serious damage to the car

Can a Ford Bronco Sport Be Flat Towed?

Knowing whether or not your car is safe for flat towing is essential. You do not know when you may need to tow your vehicle. Flat towing refers to pulling a vehicle on all four wheels from one location to another using a puller or other car, usually because it is low on gas or …

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Ford Rangers can be used as snow plows

Can a Ford Ranger Be Used for Plowing Snow?

Every season presents its peculiar headaches, and in winter, snow plowing is one chore you’ll have to endure. A truck and a snowplow are all you need. But what if you have a pickup truck, like a Ford Ranger? A Ford Ranger can be used for plowing snow, but only in small areas. Although Ford …

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the ford f-150 had torsion bars

Do Ford F150s Have Torsion Bars?

Torsion bars are the hallmark of all things off-road. Pickups have been using torsion bar suspension for almost a century. So, do Ford F150s have torsion bars? Ford stopped using torsion bars in 2003. Before that, this simple suspension system was the go-to option for the F150. These bars were used to counter the torque …

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Rust on trucks can be prevented with proper maintence

Why Do Chevys Rust More Than Fords?

Rusting happens a lot to cars, and unfortunately, Chevrolet vehicles aren’t an exception. Maybe you or someone you know who owns a Chevy has experienced rust. So why do Chevys appear to rust so bad, and how do they compare with their rival, Ford? Chevys do not necessarily rust more than Fords. How you drive …

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The Ford Bronco comes with heated seats and many other features

Does a Ford Bronco Come With Heated Seats?

Ford has reinvented the iconic Bronco. The new Ford Bronco model was unveiled in 2021 and is making a hit with its 2- and 4-door body configurations, a convertible top, and unmatched off-road capabilities. But does a Ford Bronco come with heated seats? Ford Bronco comes with heated seats, including carpeted flooring and heated leather-wrapped …

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