What Credit Score Do You Need To Lease a Chevy Truck?

The requirements to lease a Chevy truck are the same as when financing any other truck purchase, which includes a credit score check. A credit score demonstrates a consumer’s reliability and trustworthiness. Ensuring your ability to pay is why a financing agency requests to pull a credit report whether you are looking to buy or lease a new truck.

You need at least a credit score of 660-719 to lease a Chevy truck. The model of the Chevy truck you are interested in, the dealership you visit, the financing agency involved, and the credit reporting agency are all contributing factors to whether your credit score will be acceptable for a new auto lease. 

This article will explore the above credit score factors in further detail.  It will also discuss additional qualifications to consider other than your credit score, as well as provide pointers on how you can work to increase your credit score so that you can meet the minimum requirements to lease a new Chevy truck.

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Factors To Consider When Leasing a Chevy Truck

To find the best deals and ensure that your credit score is good enough to lease a Chevy truck, you’ll need to consider several factors before heading to the dealership. 

Your Credit Score Differs Depending on the Credit Rating Agency

Your FICO credit score is what an auto dealership or financing agency will look at to determine if you qualify for a Chevy truck lease. 

Knowing your FICO score with all three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) is pivotal. The credit score pulled can differ from all three credit bureaus.

If you decide to go with GM Financial for leasing a Chevy truck, it is noteworthy that they do use TransUnion to pull your credit report and view your FICO score. 

However, examining your scores from all three credit bureaus is still good practice to ensure consistency, accuracy, and preparation. Recognizing where you stand before you head to an auto dealership places the power in your hands. 

The Chevy Truck Model Affects the Lease Price

When considering leasing a truck, you should think about whether you want to lease the most high-end Chevy truck on the market or just a basic truck model. 

The price point between various Chevy trucks can differ, impacting the overall lease fee determined by your credit score. 

For example, looking at the latest Chevy truck models available for lease, the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado and 2022 Chevrolet Silverado are at different price points. 

The Colorado model has a monthly payment in the $200s versus the Silverado model in the $300s. 

It is vital to note that advertised deals are for highly qualified lessees, so it is crucial to ensure your credit score is within an acceptable range for the Chevy truck model you are interested in leasing. 

Every Chevy Dealership Has Unique Terms and Conditions 

Chevy dealerships’ qualifications and approval for a Chevy truck lease can vary, including your credit score requirements.

For example, Keyes Chevy in California informs consumers on their website that a low credit score does not necessarily mean you cannot lease a new truck. 

However, it may mean that you could have a higher payment. Make sure you understand that if your credit score is not where it should be for a Chevy truck lease, then there may be other areas where you will have to make up for it. 

Looking at the credit requirements from Freedom Chevy in Texas, they believe a credit score is a significant factor to consider when leasing a Chevy truck from their dealership. 

Their guidance informs consumers that a credit score of 700 or above is required to qualify for a lease. One can only determine that anything lower should deter the consumer from leasing a Chevy truck altogether, but it does seem that other locations are more willing to work with you on the lease. 

Companies also have varying terms regarding the items you can add to a leased truck. I’ve written about whether you can add a bed liner to your leased truck in detail in a complete guide. [Can You Put a Bed Liner in a Leased Truck?]

You Can Choose An Auto Financing Company

Next, consider the financial institution involved with the new Chevy truck lease agreement and their requirements for an acceptable credit score. 

Similar to a car purchase, you have a choice of the finance agency you would like to use. Another option is to utilize the financing company from the auto dealership or automaker. 

General Motors Financial

General Motors Financial is the main financing outlet for all General Motor vehicles, which includes Chevy trucks. 

If you choose to go with them for your Chevy truck lease, LendingTree indicates that GM Financial does look beyond your credit score to make a decision. However, a solid credit score above 680 is what GM Financial prefers. 

Other Lenders

If you choose a different lender for your lease agreement on a Chevy truck, such as your local bank, they may have other credit score requirements. 

For example, Chase Bank’s requirements for auto leasing mention that a credit score of 700 or higher would be ideal. Still, they also noted that a lower credit score does not mean you are automatically not approved for a lease.

It is always a good idea to shop around at different financing companies for a new auto lease and familiarize yourself with their credit score requirements. 

You may find that one finance agency may offer a better deal or may be able to work with you more so than others, depending on your credit score. 

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Additional Credit Requirements For Leasing a Chevy Truck

There are additional components that financing agencies may consider when you are applying for a new Chevy truck lease in supplement to your credit score. These can include:

  • Demonstrating a steady income
  • Renting versus owning your home
  • Ability to place an upfront down payment 
  • Adding a cosigner if necessary

How To Increase Your Credit Score Before Leasing A Vehicle

If your credit score does not meet the minimum requirements to lease a new Chevy truck, then you can consider working on increasing your score beforehand. Some practical actions to think about can include:

  • Paying off existing debt balances
  • Working on lowering credit utilization
  • Avoiding delinquency and bankruptcy
  • Continuing to make payments on time
  • Avoiding hard credit inquiries
  • Reporting any credit report discrepancies

Additionally, here is a video from a former car salesman that I found helpful in explaining the qualifications required for leasing a vehicle and how a 680 or above credit score is probably the most ideal for a new auto lease: 


Knowing your credit score before leasing a new Chevy truck is paramount. The scores with the highest approval odds tend to be around 680 or above. 

You might still be able to get a lease if your score falls in the mid-600s, but you may also need to consider one or all of the following: adding a cosigner, a higher down payment, and a higher monthly payment. If your credit score is in the low 600s, consider working on increasing it before obtaining a new auto lease.