Do Ford F-150 Catalytic Converters Get Stolen Frequently?

Catalytic converters theft has become such a scourge that New York Governor Kathy Hochul passed legislation and announced measures to curb the alarming rise in catalytic converter theft. Governor Hochul said that thefts of the pollution-reducing device have become a ‘serious problem’ and that New York car owners deserve to sleep without fearing someone will …

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Can You Put a Bed Liner in a Leased Truck

When appropriately installed, bed liners can protect your truck’s bed and the items you are hauling. There’s no doubting the benefits of using a bed liner if you own your truck, but what about if you lease? You can put a bed liner in a leased truck only if your lease agreement allows the alteration. …

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it is an unfounded assumption that truck drivers are more aggressive

Are Pickup Truck Drivers More Aggressive?

Imagine you’re driving down the street. You look back in your rearview mirror and see a pickup truck. Is this truck driver any more likely to run you off the road than a four-door car owner?  Pickup truck drivers are not any more aggressive than any other driver. In fact, studies and statistics show they’re …

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Some RAM 1500s have a limited slip diferential

Can You Drive a Pickup Truck With a Car License?

Every driver has unique needs that make certain vehicles better suited for them than others. For example, while some may prefer a compact car’s trimmed-down size and fuel efficiency, others need the power and versatility a truck offers to take care of their day-to-day needs. But will the same license that lets you drive a …

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Making sure your trailer weight does not exceed the towing capacity of your pickup truck

Can a Pickup Truck Pull a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are convenient because they allow you to relocate your home from one neighborhood to another. Towing a mobile home, however, can be costly. You may wonder if a pickup truck will suffice. There are many different combinations of pickup trucks and mobile homes. When choosing a pickup truck and mobile home rig, you …

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Highway weigh station

Do Pickup Trucks Need To Stop at Weigh Stations?

Roads and highways have weight limits, as do all vehicles. State governments establish weigh stations mainly to monitor freight and other heavy loads, as excess weight can damage roads and other infrastructure. Pickup trucks often don’t cross any weight thresholds, but police officers can fine drivers for not weighing, so it’s important to know if …

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