2 inch lifts can use standard shocks

Can You Use Stock Shocks With a 2-Inch Lift?

Lifting a vehicle improves its appearance and balance. However, this action always generates concerns about the shocks. Would the stock shocks still be helpful, or would you need to replace them? You can use stock shocks with a 2-inch leveling lift kit. However, you’d need to install spacers between the strut and the strut tower …

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the ford f-150 had torsion bars

Do Ford F150s Have Torsion Bars?

Torsion bars are the hallmark of all things off-road. Pickups have been using torsion bar suspension for almost a century. So, do Ford F150s have torsion bars? Ford stopped using torsion bars in 2003. Before that, this simple suspension system was the go-to option for the F150. These bars were used to counter the torque …

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