Is a Ford F-150 a Good First Vehicle?

For over four decades, the F-series has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States, with Americans buying 103 F-series cars every hour. Texans buy Ford trucks more than any other demographic – the Lone Star State accounts for 20% of Ford truck purchases.  A Ford F-150 is a good first vehicle because it is …

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car engine ready to be installed

Do Electric Trucks Have More Torque Than Diesel?

When it comes to trucks, diesel has been the engine of choice for many years. However, with advances in electric vehicle technology, some truck manufacturers are now offering electric trucks as an alternative. But do electric trucks have more torque than diesel? Electric trucks generally have more torque than diesel, especially at lower speeds. At …

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Truck tires need to be balanced at least every two years

Do Truck Tires Need to Be Balanced?

Balancing tires ensures that the weight on a tire is evenly distributed throughout the tire. Not correctly balanced tires will cause vibrations and wear down parts faster than usual. Truck tires should be balanced every one or two years, depending on how much you drive your truck. You should also balance them if you install …

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it is an unfounded assumption that truck drivers are more aggressive

Are Pickup Truck Drivers More Aggressive?

Imagine you’re driving down the street. You look back in your rearview mirror and see a pickup truck. Is this truck driver any more likely to run you off the road than a four-door car owner?  Pickup truck drivers are not any more aggressive than any other driver. In fact, studies and statistics show they’re …

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