Why Does Your Ford F-150 Sound Like a Diesel?

If you’ve ever owned a Ford F-150, you probably know that it’s one of the most common trucks on the road today. This means that when something seems a bit wrong with your vehicle, there’s a good chance that a lot of other people are experiencing similar problems. One of the more common issues is …

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car engine ready to be installed

Do Electric Trucks Have More Torque Than Diesel?

When it comes to trucks, diesel has been the engine of choice for many years. However, with advances in electric vehicle technology, some truck manufacturers are now offering electric trucks as an alternative. But do electric trucks have more torque than diesel? Electric trucks generally have more torque than diesel, especially at lower speeds. At …

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electric trucks are heavier than diesel

Are Electric Trucks Heavier Than Diesel Trucks?

The question of whether electric trucks are heavier than diesel trucks comes up fairly often, especially in discussions about whether fully electric vehicles will be suitable for commercial trucking applications. Most of the time, the question is answered with an unqualified yes — and that answer is correct but not complete.  Electric trucks can be …

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diesel trucks can tow much more than electric

Can Electric Trucks Tow More Than Diesel?

Hopping on the green train isn’t always simple. Some environmentally-friendly alternatives can’t match what we’re already used to. Now that trucks are becoming electrified, it’s a good idea to ask questions and compare the performances of electric trucks to those running on diesel.  Electric trucks can’t tow more than diesel trucks. The build, weight, battery …

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Diesel combusts at a different rate than petrol causing the louder sound

Why Do Diesel Trucks Sound So Different?

If you are zipping along the freeway in your little Miata—or Prius or Optra or whatever—thoughts of Diesel engines are likely miles off. But then you come across a 34-wheel semi-truck with a Diesel engine that sounds…different from yours. Why is that? Diesel trucks sound different because their engines operate on a higher combustion ratio …

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Making sure your trailer weight does not exceed the towing capacity of your pickup truck

Can a Pickup Truck Pull a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are convenient because they allow you to relocate your home from one neighborhood to another. Towing a mobile home, however, can be costly. You may wonder if a pickup truck will suffice. There are many different combinations of pickup trucks and mobile homes. When choosing a pickup truck and mobile home rig, you …

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