Can You Put a Bed Liner in a Leased Truck

When appropriately installed, bed liners can protect your truck’s bed and the items you are hauling. There’s no doubting the benefits of using a bed liner if you own your truck, but what about if you lease? You can put a bed liner in a leased truck only if your lease agreement allows the alteration. …

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Mechanic changing a wheel of a modern car (shallow DOF; color toned image)

Do Truck Tires Ever Need To Be Rotated?

Whether you just got new tires or if you’ve been driving on your old ones for a long time, you’re probably wondering if the tires would benefit from being rotated. There is much conflicting information about tire rotation, but the answer is straightforward and simple. The tires on your truck should be rotated every six …

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when tires expire they can become a hazard

Do All Truck Tires Have an Expiration Date?

Tires, whether they are used or not, all have an expiration date on them. New tires have a little more life in them compared to used ones. Regardless of never being used, that tire has an expiration date, like most other things.    Truck tires, just like anything else, have an expiration date. The life of …

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it is an unfounded assumption that truck drivers are more aggressive

Are Pickup Truck Drivers More Aggressive?

Imagine you’re driving down the street. You look back in your rearview mirror and see a pickup truck. Is this truck driver any more likely to run you off the road than a four-door car owner?  Pickup truck drivers are not any more aggressive than any other driver. In fact, studies and statistics show they’re …

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If your garage is smaller than a modern standard size garage it may not fit

Why Do Pickup Trucks Still Have Antennas?

Technological progress is responsible for the sleek-minimalist design of new vehicles, but some vehicles have yet to adopt the popular new design trend. Seeing vehicles with archaic technology like radio antennas can make you wonder why pickup trucks still have antennas? Pickup trucks still have antennas because wires receive the best AM and FM radio …

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The toyota tacoma can take premium gas without a problem

Can a Toyota Tacoma Take Premium Gas

As gas prices have steadily increased over the last few years, attention has turned to fuel efficiency. Consumers seek ways to save money and the environment when they next buy a vehicle. But is the answer premium gas? A Toyota Tacoma can take premium gas without any problem if you don’t mind paying the extra …

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There are many factors that affect gas mileage

Are Trucks Good for Long-Distance Driving?

If you own a truck or are looking to buy one, you probably know how dependable these vehicles are. No matter what conditions you may face on the road, a truck can help you get through them safely. However, despite their dependability, they aren’t a typical road trip vehicle, so many owners wonder how good …

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Some RAM 1500s have a limited slip diferential

Can You Drive a Pickup Truck With a Car License?

Every driver has unique needs that make certain vehicles better suited for them than others. For example, while some may prefer a compact car’s trimmed-down size and fuel efficiency, others need the power and versatility a truck offers to take care of their day-to-day needs. But will the same license that lets you drive a …

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Not all trucks come with a spare tire

Do All Trucks Come With a Spare Tire?

It’s reasonable to assume that all trucks automatically come with a spare tire when purchasing them. However, what if this isn’t the case? Unfortunately, some truck companies may refuse to provide their customers with spare tires. Not all trucks come with a spare tire. This is due to some companies opting to either not offer …

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Most trucks have chains for many reasons

Why Do Trucks Often Have Chains Hanging Underneath?

Trucks have features and capabilities that cars don’t, so they always carry accessories you don’t find on other vehicles. You may notice, truck chains, a set of chains dangling from underneath the truck’s body, usually near the rear axle. Most of the time, these are there for practical reasons. Trucks often hang chains underneath for …

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