Are Trucks Good for Long-Distance Driving?

If you own a truck or are looking to buy one, you probably know how dependable these vehicles are. No matter what conditions you may face on the road, a truck can help you get through them safely. However, despite their dependability, they aren’t a typical road trip vehicle, so many owners wonder how good trucks are for long-distance driving. 

Trucks are a great option for long-distance driving. They are safe and reliable, and they provide plenty of storage for whatever you need to take along with you. The only downside to taking a truck on the road is gas mileage. 

Let’s talk more about the pros and cons of long-distance driving with a truck. 

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Why Are Trucks Good for Long-Distance Driving?

Trucks are good for long-distance driving because of their safety, comfort, and hauling space. While fuel-efficiency tends to be lower in trucks, many of them still get decent highway gas mileage.

That said, the lower miles per gallon is worth it for many drivers due to the added benefits. 

Trucks Are Often Safer Than Cars

When comparing fatality rates of cars and trucks, cars account for about 60% of fatalities while trucks only account for 40%. Now, forty is not a small number, but these percentages clearly show that trucks tend to be safer than cars when it comes to accidents leading to death. 

But does this mean that trucks are safer overall? Well, that’s a more complicated question. Trucks are taller than cars, which makes it harder to see your blind spots. So, you need to be just as cautious driving a truck as you would driving a car. Still, if an accident does happen, it is less likely to be fatal if you are in a truck. 

Trucks Are Roomier and More Comfortable

Another important benefit of choosing to take a truck on a road trip is comfort. While the safety of your vehicle should be your top priority, comfort is another important thing to consider. It is especially important for long trips. The cab of a truck tends to be more comfortable than a car because of the available space.

You have a lot more interior room to work with when you own a truck. You will notice that the seats are bigger and more spacious than the average car. However, depending on the truck, you may not be able to take more than two or three passengers. So, consider how many people are coming along. But if you have enough seats, then each person will have plenty of room. 

Trucks Have Greater Hauling Capabilities

Another major benefit of taking a truck on a long-distance trip is the number of things you can carry. The bed of your truck provides plenty of storage space for whatever you’re taking along with you. And your truck can also tow something behind it if needed. 

Your truck has a maximum towing capacity that you should always follow for safety purposes. But trucks can tow a lot more than your average car. A small camper or boat is usually no problem for an average truck. So, a truck allows you to bring along whatever you need for your long-distance trip. 

With the truck’s bed supplying storage for your luggage, this gives you and your passengers much more room in the cab to relax. It also makes bringing everything you need for the trip easier without worrying about it fitting in the car’s trunk. So, consider a truck for your long-distance trip for the option to bring everything with you without running out of room. 

Some Trucks Get Decent Highway Gas Mileage

Fuel efficiency is an important topic, especially today with high gas prices. While cars tend to get better gas mileage compared to a truck, trucks tend to get decent highway gas mileage. So, when it comes to long trips on your truck, you will get better gas mileage than on short trips or stuck in traffic. 

We all have to consider gas mileage when choosing the right vehicle for us. If you have a truck already, the chances are that you already know what your average miles per gallon seem like. So, the good thing about long-distance trips is that they can improve your overall fuel economy and increase your MPGs. 

In fact, the US Department of Energy recommends combining short trips to help improve overall performance. Short trips can use twice as much gas as one long trip because of the starting and stopping. Long trips can help you save gas and get better gas mileage. 

Why Are Cars Better Than Trucks for Long-Distance Driving?

Cars can be better than trucks for long-distance trips because you get better gas mileage with a car, your luggage will be safer, and cars can hold more passengers on average. While trucks are a great option, it is important to consider cars as well. 

As we discussed above, cars tend to get better gas mileage than trucks. While highway mileage can help your truck improve, it is usually no contest. Cars get better gas mileage overall than trucks, and better gas mileage is always something worth considering for long-distance trips. 

Your Belongings Are Safer in a Car

While a truck can give you more room to bring your belongings with you, cars better ensure that your things are safe. Most of the storage that a truck has is in an open bed. This can be great for bringing along many items, but it is not the safest option. An open bed means that someone could easily steal your luggage if your truck is left alone. 

Cars Fit More Passengers on Average

While some trucks have an extended bed that holds more passengers, not all of them do. So, your truck may limit how many passengers you can bring on the trip with you. Cars tend to hold more passengers than trucks. So, consider taking a car on the trip if you have too many passengers for a truck. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, a truck is a great option for long-distance driving, but just like any vehicle, there are downsides. Before making your decision about the type of vehicle you want to take on a trip, consider the space you will need for luggage, number of passengers going, and how important gas mileage is to you. 

A truck may not be the most fuel-efficient option available, but it can provide plenty of comfort and storage that you need for a long trip.