Can a Toyota Tacoma Take Premium Gas

As gas prices have steadily increased over the last few years, attention has turned to fuel efficiency. Consumers seek ways to save money and the environment when they next buy a vehicle. But is the answer premium gas?

A Toyota Tacoma can take premium gas without any problem if you don’t mind paying the extra cash. However, since the vehicle runs on regular unleaded gas, the most common type of fuel in America, using premium gas won’t result in any additional benefits.

This article will explain why the Toyota Tacoma can use regular and premium fuel. Additionally, I’ll discuss the types of gas you can use and whether premium gas is worth the cost.

Premium gas costs more than regular

Why Toyota Tacoma Can Use Premium Gas

First, it’s important to stress that the Toyota Tacoma’s engine runs on regular unleaded fuel. However, as I mentioned, you can still operate it on premium gas if you wish.

The question of premium gas has arisen due to the hype surrounding the gas and fuel efficiency. Over the past few years, the oil and auto industries have been promoting and encouraging the use of premium gas. This campaign, in turn, has led to the misconception that premium gas will help any engine run more efficiently.

Before we continue, let’s take a brief look at premium gas to see if it’s the solution to efficiency.

What Is Premium Gas?

The first thing we know is that premium gas is more expensive than regular. But what is it, and why do you need it?

Premium gas is any gas with an octane rating of 91 or above. As per the U.S. Energy Information Administration, gasoline classification is according to octane level. The primary grades are:

  • Regular (lowest octane level 87)
  • Midgrade (octane level 89- 90) 
  • Premium (highest octane level 91-94)

You might wonder why some vehicles can use higher octane levels than others. The answer is that they have a much higher compression ratio in their system. Higher octane ratings tend to burn more slowly, which means they can withstand higher compression rates before ignition occurs.

The fuel’s octane rating indicates its resistance to pressure in an engine at high temperatures. A higher octane rating equals more pressure the engine can handle. The number on the pump represents how much more resistant your car is to knocking compared with another type of fuel with a lower rating.

Therefore, premium gasoline handles higher pressures well, making it ideal for high-compression engines like those in sports cars and luxury vehicles.

Previously, premium gas was only for high-performance cars, but modern engines can handle this fuel without damage to parts. You’ll find premium gas in standard vehicles today, especially those modified by an aftermarket manufacturer.

Using premium or regular gasoline should be based on your car’s manufacturer’s recommendations and not your personal preference.

The Advantages of Premium Gasoline

Now that you know about the top-shelf gas, you’re probably curious about its efficiency. Here are some of the main advantages if you use it in the right vehicle:

  • It burns cleaner. High-octane fuel ensures proper combustion in your engine.
  • It has a higher octane rating. Can reduce engine wear and tear. 
  • Power. As premium gas has a higher octane rating than regular gas, it burns more completely in your engine, resulting in more power.

Gas for Your Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is an excellent vehicle for many different purposes. It’s a great work truck, a family vehicle, and even fun to drive on the weekends. However, you may be wondering which type of gas is best for your Tacoma.

When it comes to maintaining your car, you want to ensure that you’re doing everything to keep it running smoothly. Many things can go wrong in a vehicle. The last thing you want is for something small to develop into a significant problem.

Don’t let the choice of fuel be one of those problems. So to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly, you must know what type of gas your vehicle needs.

Best Gas for Toyota Tacoma

Thanks to all those commercials, you may have heard that a Toyota Tacoma requires premium gasoline or that it’s better for your car to use higher octane fuels. 

That is not entirely true. Although newer versions of this truck might prefer premium gas to help with performance and efficiency, no model is required to use high octane fuel.

While it’s safe to use premium regardless of your engine type, there is no benefit to using it in a Toyota Tacoma; unless specified by your owner’s manual.

Best Maintenance for Your Toyota Tacoma

According to the owner’s manual, the Toyota Tacoma should only use unleaded gasoline with an 87 or higher octane rating.

Stick to what’s in the manual, since the owner’s manual is your best friend for keeping your car running smoothly. It can tell you everything from how to change the oil to how to use the headlights properly.

Meanwhile, if you want to use gas above 89 octane rating because your vehicle has high compression and will benefit from it, by all means, do so. But if your Tacoma doesn’t need it—and most don’t–then there’s no reason not to stick with the regular unleaded.

Both regular and premium gas will work fine in Tacoma vehicles, but it will cost you more to fill your tank with premium gas.

Premium gas is more expensive than regular gas, and when you multiply that by the number of years you drive. It adds up to a significant cost. Why would you subject yourself to such unnecessary expenses? 

In the next segment, I’ll explore the cost of premium gasoline so that you can understand how much wastage is caused by using the wrong fuel.

The Cost of Premium Gas

Premium gas has always been more expensive than regular unleaded. In 2021, mid-grade gasoline was about 42 cents per gallon more than regular gasoline in the U.S. The average price for premium gas was 68 cents more than the regular grade.

When you add the amount each driver spends on gas throughout their life cycle of driving cars, filling up with premium instead of regular unleaded, it’s thousands of dollars. 

That figure gets worse if you’re driving more miles than average. It’s all because oil companies are trying to get you to spend more money on their products.

According to a AAA report, Americans waste more than $2.1 yearly using premium gasoline when they only need regular.

premium gas costs about twenty cents more per gallon


Although Toyota Tacoma can run on either regular gas or premium without any damage, the best gas to use is what the manufacturer recommends. In this case, the manufacturer Toyota expressly says in the owner’s manual that it uses regular unleaded gas.

However, if you prefer to use premium gasoline in this vehicle, feel free to do so. There’s no problem in doing so other than paying more money. There are no risks in using premium in your Tacoma but remember you will not see significant performance benefits.