Flat Towing the bronco sport can cause serious damage to the car

Can a Ford Bronco Sport Be Flat Towed?

Knowing whether or not your car is safe for flat towing is essential. You do not know when you may need to tow your vehicle. Flat towing refers to pulling a vehicle on all four wheels from one location to another using a puller or other car, usually because it is low on gas or …

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Making sure your trailer weight does not exceed the towing capacity of your pickup truck

Can a Pickup Truck Pull a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are convenient because they allow you to relocate your home from one neighborhood to another. Towing a mobile home, however, can be costly. You may wonder if a pickup truck will suffice. There are many different combinations of pickup trucks and mobile homes. When choosing a pickup truck and mobile home rig, you …

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Not all trucks come with a spare tire

Do All Trucks Come With a Spare Tire?

It’s reasonable to assume that all trucks automatically come with a spare tire when purchasing them. However, what if this isn’t the case? Unfortunately, some truck companies may refuse to provide their customers with spare tires. Not all trucks come with a spare tire. This is due to some companies opting to either not offer …

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Highway weigh station

Do Pickup Trucks Need To Stop at Weigh Stations?

Roads and highways have weight limits, as do all vehicles. State governments establish weigh stations mainly to monitor freight and other heavy loads, as excess weight can damage roads and other infrastructure. Pickup trucks often don’t cross any weight thresholds, but police officers can fine drivers for not weighing, so it’s important to know if …

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Chevy Colorado Horse Trailer

Can a Chevy Colorado Tow a Horse Trailer?

The Chevrolet Colorado is one of America’s favorite midsize pickup trucks. It ranks high in terms of reliability, comfort, and performance. The Colorado fell behind the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Gladiator in terms of 2021 sales but remained the preferred choice for thousands of Americans.  A Chevy Colorado can tow a horse trailer as long …

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